Sunday, November 23, 2014

Kingdom Club Empowerment Week

Monday November 24th - Friday November 28 goat-cartoon
                       Empowerment Week

The St. Anne Kingdom Club is raising money to buy goats to help families in Kenya. For every $50 raised, the St. Anne Kingdom Club can purchase 1 goat for our Kenyan community. Our goal is to purchase 24 goats! How can we achieve this? Next week students have 5 special days. Each day, students are asked to bring a $1 donation. 

For more information about this initiative,please visit

Moustache Day - wear a moustache

Twin day - have a twin or triplet

Wacky Wednesday
Wear your clothes inside-out &Crazy hair

Wear your pajamas to school

Sport day -wear your sport jersey

Thanks for your support.